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Powering Your Success!

Plug in to ROYDAN solutions like Bloodhound® debt collection software, ClientConnect, and CallCommand dialing to empower your business to meet the needs of your clients, adapt to ever-changing industry regulation, and stay a step ahead of your competitors. At Roydan, our mission is to empower consumer collection agencies by nurturing growth through collaboration with our customers and partners to deliver innovative and compliant solutions and services.
Is your business in need of a jolt? Power up with Roydan debt collection solutions!

Debt Collection Software Solutions


Bloodhound® Software for Debt Collection Agencies

Since 1985, Roydan has provided innovative debt collection software technologies that help improve the productivity of collectors and the profitability of collection agencies. We take a common sense approach, driven by a consumer-centric philosophy that makes it easier for our customers to access and manage consumer information for faster and more effective debt collections. Research and development, driven by input from our customers, have led to continuous enhancement of the Bloodhound Software platform, including:


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