Benefits for Every Part of Your Collection Agency

Roydan understands the needs of collection agencies, from helping managers improve performance of their collectors to making an agency more attractive to prospects. It all adds up to building a stronger bottom line for agency owners. Read below to find out how our debt collection software solutions provide positive results at all levels.

Collection Agency Growth: Better management of resources, competitive client offerings, and scalable debt collection solutions that can grow with you.

Smooth Transition: Implement a new debt collection software system without downtime, data loss, or lost revenue.

Service and Support: Comprehensive training and support services that exceed expectations.

Integrated Products: All the tools you need are fully integrated to make the collection process streamlined and efficient.

Improve Performance: Improve productivity through more efficient debt collection automation, intuitively easy data entry and better quality reporting.

Easy to Transition: Comprehensive training so collectors are more productive right away, with dedicated support staff available when you need it.

Improved Performance: Bloodhound collection software helps collectors improve their efficiency—more calls, more collections.

Monitoring Tools: Enhanced reporting and dialing dashboard to monitor collector activity.

Easy to Learn: Software based on current Microsoft Windows-based technology reduces new collector training time.

Competitive Edge: Offer the latest debt collection software tools and technology that clients want or expect.

Flexible Reporting:  Easy to personalize debt collection reports and schedule delivery.

24/7 Access:  Web portal provides instant access to account information.

Smooth Account Entry: Accept nearly any file format your client provides.

Match Preferences:  Flexible commission rate structures and remittance options tailor to clients’ needs.

Safe Dialing:  Instantly remove accounts from a dialing campaign based on account activity or disable phone numbers that can no longer be called.

Secure Data:  Credit card numbers are masked on the screen and are not stored in the system.

Eterna:  Integrated testing tool reinforces compliance knowledge.

Provana: Industry partner helps you establish, maintain, and monitor adherence to standard collection agency operating procedures.

Easy to Use: Keyboard and mouse friendly; drag-and-drop upload of files.

Consumer Matching: Bloodhound Software automatically searches for matches and connects them to existing consumers in the system.

Import and Export:Transfer skip tracing data with the flexibility to control which fields are included in the files.