Bloodhound’s software solutions keep collectors focused on what they do best: collecting. It’s designed with the collector in mind, keeping all the functions and information that they need at their fingertips.

  • Bloodhound’s flexible debtor window can be personalized to include all the information and commands your collectors need on one screen
  • Click-to-Collect® keeps your collectors on target by enabling them to handle calls with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Auto-Collect keeps accounts always prioritized to be worked based on your collection agency’s workflow
  • The Matches tab of the debtor window helps you easily eliminate duplicate consumer records
  • Collectors can save unlimited consumer phone numbers and disable numbers that are no longer valid or allowed to be called
  • Images can be attached directly to consumer files so they are always at your collectors’ fingertips
  • Speed up your debt collection process by allowing consumers to pay their bills online with Debtor Web Link

Data Entry

Bloodhound’s debt collection solutions make data management a quick and easy process, streamlining entry for new accounts, payments, skip tracing information, and other types of data.

  • Import electronic files of new accounts with easy drag-and-drop upload
  • Automatically search for matches when entering new accounts and connect them to existing consumer records in the system
  • Split payments automatically in several different ways with just the click of a button
  • Export and import skip tracing data with the flexibility to control which fields are included in the files
  • Upload almost any document, image, or email with a simple drag-and-drop technique and attach directly to consumer or client files

Client Services

Bloodhound Software’s flexible client setup allows you to give clients exactly what they want, with personalized reports, web access, and numerous other controls available to tailor your efforts to their needs.

  • ClientConnect gives clients instant online access to the information they need any time of day, even outside your normal business hours
  • Accommodate commission rate structures from the simple to the complex
  • Match your client’s preferences with flexible remittance processing
  • Deliver reports to your client by fax or email exactly when they need them, without taking any of your staff’s time
  • Track multiple locations, contacts and demographics for each client


Always know what’s going on in your office and have the tools you need to manage your debt collection business efficiently. When you need reports at your fingertips, you can find a wealth of data in Bloodhound’s 70+ standard reports, each with a wide selection of parameters that make them useful for multiple purposes.

  • Flexible permission controls allow you to specify exactly what your employees can see and do in the debt collection system
  • The ViewPoint reporting solution allows you to personalize standard reports and create any special reports that you need
  • You can monitor predictive dialing or message dialing campaigns in real-time
  • Bloodhound’s multi-entity feature makes it easy to manage multiple businesses
  • A single utility gives you extreme flexibility to make mass system changes and run data exports based on a broad range of criteria


Roydan’s CallCommand suite of products includes all the tools you need to increase your call volume, ensure that collectors focus their time on the most productive calls, and handle calls consistently based on your pre-determined workflow.

  • Bloodhound Software applies your pre-determined management rules to all calls so you control how collectors handle common results like busy signals and answering machines
  • With CallCommand Message Dialing, you can save your collectors time and increase your number of inbound calls
  • CallCommand Predictive Dialing can improve collector efficiency by allowing more productive calls in less time
  • Dialing campaigns can leave text-to-speech messages if desired
  • Using Bloodhound’s Right-Click Dial, you can dial any phone number in the system with a click of the mouse
  • Calls can be recorded for compliance or training purposes
  • CallCommand VOIP gives agencies the power of an enterprise-grade phone system for a fraction of the cost

Feature Index

Personalized screens

Client web portal

Debtor web portal

Document imaging

Predictive dialing

Message dialing

Drag & drop file uploads

Personalized collection menus

Multiple business support

Electronic payment integration

Letter outsourcing integration

Over 70 standard reports

Ad-hoc report writing interface

Collated client remittance reports

Direct e-mail/fax capabilities

Check imaging

Check guarantee

Check verification integration

Check re-presentment

Integrated Credit Bureau access

Credit Bureau listing

Extensive debtor search options

Multiple responsible party options

Personalized information windows

Flexible permission controls

Data logging & history screens

Pre-collect account options

Trust/operating fund tracking

Unlimited commission setups