CallCommand VOIP Powered by JIVE

A hosted VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system provides competitive rates and the power of enterprise-level technology without the significant capital investment typically required with an onsite solution.  Roydan partners with JIVE Communication to offer you all of the rich phone features you’d expect from an enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of the cost.  This phone solution is not only flexible but also affordable for your collection nagency.  JIVE includes all of the phone features you’re accustomed to, such as call transfer, park, hold, conferencing, hunt groups, and voicemail, as well as multiple auto-attendants, detailed call reporting, and presence monitoring.

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CallCommand Dialing Overview

Bloodhound’s CallCommand Message Dialing and Predictive Dialing products are designed on the Sytel platform and fully integrated with the Bloodhound collection software. This means that unlike many third-party dialing services, CallCommand dialing campaigns are controlled directly through Bloodhound without the need for uploads or downloads. Calls are based on the most current information in the system, so consumers can be removed from a dialing queue instantly based on account activity, such as a payment received.

CallCommand dialing uses previous call results to help pinpoint the best time to reach the consumer, and built-in workflow triggers ensure that common call results such as answering machines or no-answers are handled consistently.

Optional cell phone number identification and decision-making functionality are available to meet your debt collection compliance needs.

Text-to-speech functionality allows you to play personalized messages for both live calls and answering machines. It can be easily configured and personalized in Bloodhound.

CallCommand dialing products are also integrated with LocalTouch® technology, which allows the option to display a local area code on caller ID so that consumers see a number familiar to them rather than an out-of-state or toll-free number.

CallCommand Message Dialing

Message Dialing enables you to call a large volume of consumers and, if desired, leave messages without taking up collectors’ time. If desired, you can give consumers the option to press a key to be connected to a collector during business hours.

CallCommand Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing dramatically increases the number of consumers you can contact by allowing more productive debt collection calls in less time. With this functionality, collectors are only connected to live calls. CallCommand Predictive Dialing can be also be call-blended, allowing incoming calls to be routed directly to collectors on the dialer. Call recordings can be attached directly to the consumer record for compliance and training purposes.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of CallCommand Predictive Dialing is the call transfer capability:

  • Transfer calls within the dialer to another person already using the dialer
  • Transfer inbound calls into the dialer
  • Transfer calls off the dialer to an internal extension or to any 10-digit phone number

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