Modern Design

ClientConnect uses modern design standards such as drop-down menus and multiple tabs within a page to keep information organized and at your client’s fingertips. For example, search results are always visible on the left side of the page, and clients can sift through results quickly by clicking on a result and viewing the expanded detail on the right side of the page.


ClientConnect uses a sleek page template that is easy to update. It offers a full palette of options for personalizing and branding your ClientConnect website to match your collection agency’s look and feel. You can give your pages any look you want, such as designing them to match your company website, or simply personalize the out-of-the-box template with your logo and color scheme.


Key pieces of information such as the account status and balance detail are highlighted to make them easy to find, and detailed account information such as notes, notices, and payment information can be viewed in the tabs at the bottom of the page if the client has permission to access this information.

Share Information

The attachments section allows clients to view debt collection account documentation that you have made available to them, as well as upload documents of their own.  Your agency will receive notification when a new document is uploaded.

With ClientConnect’s Collaboration Center functionality, you and your clients can send, receive, and comment on files in a secure environment (similar to an FTP site) without requiring an additional login and password.  This makes it easy for clients to do everything they need in one place, including sending new account or payment files.


You can choose to have your clients access archived reports or run current real-time reports. Learn more about Roydan’s extensive reporting solutions offered through ViewPoint.

For More Information

Contact the Roydan Sales Department to discuss how the ClientConnect debt collection solution can benefit your business.