What makes Roydan’s debt collection software solutions different?

As specialists in debt collection software for collection agencies, we provide totally integrated solutions. We offer a seamless connection not only between our various products, but also with many industry partners. This reduces the learning curve, allows more personalized solutions and improves user efficiency.

What makes Roydan different from the other debt collection software providers?

Besides the functionality of the software, there are three main differences:

1. We are dedicated to serving the debt collection industry.
Our software is developed specifically for debt collection agencies and it’s the only thing we do.

2. We use a consumer-centric approach.
Our customers tell us they prefer this approach compared to an account-centric model. It allows for better handling of multiple accounts and creates a more efficient workflow.

3. We treat our customers like family.
We make transition easy and provide the ongoing training and support to assure their success.

Isn’t Roydan debt collection software best suited for smaller agencies?

Our software offers the scalability to fit virtually any size collection agency, whether it’s a small agency that wants to grow, or a larger agency. Products such as ClientConnect, ViewPoint and CallCommand make it even easier to improve productivity for any size business.

Do you have a demo or trial version of Roydan software?

Because of Bloodhound collection software’s extremely flexible features, we tailor our demos to your specific agency needs. Contact us anytime for an in-depth demo personalized to your agency.

What are the benefits of Roydan’s hosted plan?

We can summarize the benefits in just one word – freedom. You don’t have to worry about IT concerns, system backups, disaster recovery – our hosting company handles all of those needs for you so you can focus on managing your business rather than your debt collection software.

If I choose your hosted solution, who owns my data?

Your data is just that–yours. Think of it like renting a storage unit. You still own whatever you put inside the rented space. With our hosted software, your data is stored on the servers at our hosting company, but you still own the data.

Does Roydan support an on-site installation model?

Of course! We have flexible ownership plans to accommodate this business model, and will work with you to plan and implement the software on your server.

How much does Roydan debt collection software cost?

Our pricing is based on the features you need. During the discovery process, we will discuss your company’s unique workflow, needs and goals. Based on those findings, we will recommend a plan to maximize your efficiency and will demonstrate where you’ll see improvements.

Do I have to buy different modules if I do different types of collections?

Bloodhound’s flexible design can accommodate all types of debt collection without the need for separate modules, whether you collect one specific type of debt or several variations.

Does Roydan charge for uploading electronic files of new accounts?

No. We have a free, extremely flexible, easy-to-use interface for uploading your files.