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Out and About with ROYDAN Enterprises – Roydan to Attend 2017 Great Lakes Credit & Collection Association Annual Meeting May 22-24

In order to provide the very best products and services for our customers, we belive that we must never pass up an opportunity to learn more. Industry events such as the Great Lakes Credit & Collection Association (GLCCA) Annual Meeting help to give us more clarity in understanding the needs of our customers as well Read More

Roydan is Growing – Seeking Additional Team Members to Add Value for our Customers

At Roydan we believe that our success is only because of our amazing customers and hardworking team members. We know that each person on our staff plays an important part in helping to provide our customers the best possible software solutions and customer support experiences. With that in mind, we are thrilled to be adding Read More

What Happens in Vegas Benefits Our Valued Customers

At Roydan, everything we do is for the benefit of our customers, whether this is developing enhancements to our software products or attending events to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices. With this in mind, our team was thrilled to take part in the ACA Spring Forum and Expo, March 13-15 Read More

Roydan Continues Health Focus in 2017 – Getting Lean on the Lakeshore

Last year, the Roydan team started a Healthy Initiative as a way to encourage our team members to focus on health and wellness as a way of life. Each month, we were able to take part in a variety of different activities related to health, fitness and wellness. Our initiative was such a success that Read More

Staying a Step Ahead at Progress NEXT

Any successful business will tell you that at least one of the keys to their achievements is staying ahead of the industry trends. In technology based businesses, this can be a full-time job. This is why, at Roydan, we believe taking part in conferences, podcasts and other learning opportunities plays a vital role in providing Read More