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greta hanson

At Roydan, we believe that we are only as good as those who are a part of our team. With that in mind, we are thrilled to welcome Greta Hanson to Roydan as a Training Specialist.  Greta comes to Roydan after a recent relocation to Manitowoc and is thrilled to be a part of our growing organization.

Prior to starting at Roydan, Greta worked in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market within the health care sector. Her most previous position was as an Epic Beacon Analyst for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare and prior to that she worked as an Implementation Project Manager for Mortara Instrument.  Within these roles, a lot of her job functions revolved around having thorough product knowledge and then transferring that knowledge to the end user through both support and training.  “I really enjoyed the training aspect of my job because it allowed me to use the knowledge I had about our product to assist the end user and help them be more productive. I was able to show them how to use our products more effectively, which ultimately made their job a lot easier,” Greta indicates.

In addition to the ability to use her skills in training to help the Roydan customer, Greta has felt very welcomed by the Roydan staff. “There is a strong sense of team here at Roydan. If I have question, they are more than willing to take the time to make sure I have a solid understanding of the product.  I see this mindset in every aspect of what they do here at Roydan – especially when it comes to customer care. I am excited to be a part of this type of work environment,” she notes.

Greta indicates that one of the things she is most looking forward to is working with the customers to create training programs that will meet their specific needs. “There are a lot of great resources in place now. I am looking forward to taking these a step further by learning more about the customer’s unique requirements in an effort to create programs that will help them become even more effective in their collection processes.”

When Greta is not at Roydan, she likes to stay active pursuing various physical fitness activities.  Additionally, she and her fiancé are looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor in their most recent endeavor of gardening.

Please join us in welcoming Greta to the Roydan Team!