Why Roydan


Here are some results…

  • 30% improvement in collection agency operating efficiency due to improved automation
  • 40% reduction in call time and off-call processing time
  • 50% reduction in onboarding and training of new employees
  • 60% increase in completed calls with a 20% increase in number of people contacted
  • 100% production increase without adding staff

Every Roydan customer has a different success story.

Roydan’s Customer-Focused Debt Collection Solutions Yield Results

We believe success can only be achieved by combining technological solutions with best industry practices. Roydan industry experts, along with the company’s strategic partners, share knowledge that helps agencies thrive in the debt collection industry. As Roydan continues to push collection technology forward, our people continue to put customers first. Our goal is to provide debt collection solutions—not just debt collection software—so our clients can continue to grow.

Want to know more about Roydan debt collection software solutions for collection agencies? This short video gives an overview of Roydan team members and what makes our company different.