Roydan Customer Testimonials

“We were both surprised and impressed with the conversion process. It went remarkably well, with a team of professionals helping at every stage of the implementation. We made the right decision.”

Rick Weller, Owner
Northern Hills Collections, Inc.

“We shut down at the close of business with the old system on Friday and were open for business on Monday with the new system. It was a seamless conversion. It was great!”

Mike Stalnaker, CEO
Paytek Solutions

“Within the first six months we improved our productivity by 30% and, consequently, increased our revenue by 6%. We attributed those metrics directly to our new Bloodhound system. Achieving those dramatic results in such a short amount of time—and in this economy—was truly astounding.”

Gloria Gerber, Co-Owner
Oliver Adjustment Company of Kenosha & Racine, Inc.

“Before implementing Bloodhound, we were hearing from our clients, ‘Why can’t you do this when other vendors can?’ With [Bloodhound], we have gained the agility to meet their requirements for competitive services, increased our efficiency and productivity levels, and we believe the solution is a contributory factor in our improved revenue numbers as well. The solution is awesome and has exceeded my expectations.”

Patrick D. Rohrer, President
Credit Systems of the Fox Valley

“We had Roydan do a conversion for us last year. It went 
smoothly. We have been impressed with their software. Roydan 
promised to deliver and delivered on their promises. Easy to use
and with powerful features, Bloodhound has been a perfect fit for 
our office.”

Dave Anderson, Owner
Action Collection Service, Inc.

“We’ve been with Roydan nearly 15 years, and what we appreciate the most is their commitment to helping us succeed. They listen to what we need and keep us up-to-date with the industry trends and regulation changes. When new technology or software updates are needed, they ease us into it so it doesn’t disrupt our day-to-day operation.”

Larry Geier, President
Tri-State Adjustments, Inc.